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Tokyo is an active, diverse branch of families from all over the globe!

Some of our favorite events are picnics in parks, garden strolls and exploring shrines and temples. A stroll in Meiji Shrine in Harajuku was our very first event!

Tokyo is home to many adventure (mud!) parks — at-your-own-risk play areas where children can get creative and try all kinds of activities – woodwork, climbing trees, roasting marshmallows over a fire … HiB Tokyo Branch kids LOVE to play freely these parks and will play happily for hours.

Of course, we also get out on the trails! Mt Takao is a popular hike – easily accessible from Shinjuku with multiple trails to choose from. But we also like to explore less-popular trails and our Facebook group has lots of photo albums of our adventures.

We hike year-round and enjoy watching the seasons change in this beautiful country; hanami picnics under the spring cherry blossoms, humid summers splashing in rivers, hiking trails covered in autumn maples and wandering through winter night illuminations – there is always something to discover!

Whether you are new to Tokyo or a long-term resident, Hike it Baby Tokyo will help you get out with your kids in a safe and supported way. Come get outside with us and let’s turn raising our children in Tokyo into an adventure!

Read more about our branch in this Savvy Tokyo article by one of our wonderful hike hosts, the multi-talented Emily Clemenson – Exploring Tokyo with Your Kiddos in Tow

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