Salt Lake City, UT

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Hike it Baby Salt Lake City is a branch diverse in trails, from flat, paved trails that meander through neighborhoods, farms, and parks, to rugged, high-elevation trails that take you to alpine lakes and waterfalls, and of course, everything in between. We have many trails that are fun to hike through all four seasons (yes, even in the snow!), but a few are not accessible in the winter when ski resorts are open.

Most of our cities have parks with paved paths. Many cities have long, paved paths that can go for miles that are great for biking, even with kids.

We have a few long trails and paths including the Bonneville Shoreline Trail and Jordan River Trail. They span for miles and miles across multiple cities and counties.

Heading into the big canyons in Salt Lake County provides welcome relief from the heat in the summer or from the inversion in the winter. In the summer it can sometimes be as much as 15° cooler at the top of the higher canyons and there are many places with some truly gorgeous hikes or even just a spot for a picnic.

Please be aware of watershed areas when you are hiking on trails in the Wasatch Mountains. Many canyons are designated watershed canyons and absolutely no dogs are allowed. Please protect our water supply!

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