Jen Mulliken

Ambassador of Harrisburg, PA Branch

Hello, I’m Jen and my husband, daughter and Border Collie, moved to Lewisberry (outside of Harrisburg) in May/June of 2017 and after getting settled, I was desperate for some adult interaction and I found a Mom group through Facebook and posted about things to do with a 9 month old baby. Branch Ambassador, Colette commented that I should look into Hike it Baby and sent me the links. This was perfect because I love being outside, my husband does photography and loves nature and Bethany already was showing signs of being an outdoor lover too. We went on our first walk with another Branch Ambassador, Denise when she hosted a Glow it Baby walk and even though I did most of my talking to my husband, I just knew there was great potential for me in this type of setting! You see, I’m actually quite socially awkward and have social anxiety, but having Bethany to focus on and chat to/about, makes it easier! I met more people during the picnic that year and really felt welcomed by everyone. Eventually I became confident enough to start hosting my own hikes because the times of other gatherings were always during Bethany’s nap time and through that, I was able to meet even more parents who were so thankful for my evening/weekend hikes. I find myself suggesting Hike it Baby to everyone I know because it really has brought so much joy to my life. I’ve met wonderful people who I consider close friends now and I love watching friendships develop with other kids and my daughter – she gets so excited when I tell her we’re gonna go see some friends today! It just seemed natural to join the team ?