Christine Frackelton

Ambassador of Palm Beach, FL Branch

Hi!  I started the Palm Beach branch of Hike it Baby in early 2016 after hearing about HiB from a relative who was enjoying her branch in GA.  Hiking provided many of the richest memories from my own childhood, and was a huge part of my adult recreational life before motherhood.  Today, hiking helps me continue to feel like myself, and also gives my children a much needed “reset” from the overstimulating and vain urban life to which we’re normally exposed. We love how, in spite of living in a highly populous region, we can escape to a nearby trail and feel wonderfully lost in a wild and remote-feeling land.  This grounding experience is something we hope that other families will come to enjoy through Hike it Baby as well.  We’re always thrilled to meet new friends who are up for an adventure with us!